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Shop online in the USA, have your packages forwarded internationally

‘Sorry, we don't ship to your country.’ How does it feel to hear these words after you’ve spent an hour or longer filling your shopping cart with products you really wanted? Despair, frustration, anger, sadness. These are the emotions people from around the world feel when they find that the US shop doesn’t ship to their countries. It’s 21 century, but a vast majority of small, mid-size and even some big American retailers still only ship to a limited number of destinations. Not to mention the fact that sometimes they don’t accept foreign payment methods.

To give shoppers from around the world a chance to shop in the US and ship internationally, we created Parcl - a simple and secure international package forwarding solution. If you want to buy products from a USA retailer that doesn’t ship to your country, you can now simply order shipping at Parcl.

How international package forwarding with Parcl works

Get a free US shipping address for shopping


Get a free US shipping address for shopping

If the shop doesn’t offer shipping to your country, it most probably offers delivery within the US. To shop at such a store you will need a USA address and a trustworthy person who would receive and ship your package to you. At Parcl you can find a US resident (a forwarder) to offer you their forwarding address for shopping in the USA. Having a US shipping address will allow you to shop at any store US-wide. Simply use your forwarder’s address as your shipping address at checkout.


Have packages forwarded from the US to your country


Have packages forwarded from the US to your country

Your personal US shipping forwarder (a very nice, responsible and easy-going person by the way) will receive, process and ship your buys to your address. Parcl forwarders use only experienced international shipping services, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, TNT, and specify shipping costs upfront based on the carrier's actual shipping rates.

Besides parcel forwarding from the US, you may ask your forwarder to take photos of your items, repack the products into one box to save on shipping, add extra packaging, insure your shipment, modify Customs value, etc. Additional services will allow you to save money, control your package and solve possible issues with the shipping services. You may find out more about the additional services in the FAQ section.


Have packages forwarded from the US to your country


Get personal shopping assistance (shopping concierge service)

If the US store doesn’t accept your card or another payment method you use, your personal US shopping and shipping assistant will buy the products for you! You will need to notify the forwarder that you want them to buy the goods for you, pay for the items and shipping upfront and let your forwarder handle communication with the store. This is especially useful when you need to pre-order the items.


You’ll be able to cancel your request anytime

Why use Parcl for shopping in the USA

Here at Parcl we do our best to make your international shopping safe and hassle-free. At Parcl you can:

  • request international package shipping from big retailers or small US stores (eBay, Amazon, Disney, Target and many other US stores),
  • order as many items as you want from one or multiple shops,
  • save up to 60% on shipping with ‘Package consolidation’ and ‘Customs value modification’ services,
  • pay upfront using PayPal - forwarders will never ‘surprize’ you with unexpectedly high shipping costs after receiving your package from the store,
  • choose a verified US resident to help you with delivery,
  • trust your delivery to the world’s leading shipping providers such as USPS, FedEx, TNT, UPS,
  • enjoy a simple and secure worldwide delivery process!

No payment or other commitment required

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